These lights are magical & will transform the night!

​Several years ago while on a family camping trip our daughters were eager to ride their bikes after dark with other children at the campsite. Since there were many children riding it became difficult to identify ours out of the group, which caused some concern. Searching for a way to allow our children to continue to have fun on their bicycles after dark while providing us the peace of mind of being able to track them sparked the idea for Ignite Ur Bike. The company was founded in 2010 and has since been an industry leader in providing colored LED bicycle lights. We strive to provide the best product at the best price to our customers who are looking to add radiance to their night time riding experiences.  

“It is very rewarding to see people’s faces IGNITE with excitement and joy when they use our product!!! These lights will change your life"- Founder- S.B. Ca. parents of two

For years glow sticks and glow gadgets have been used as a way to decorate bicycles only to lose the lights along the way or have them fade out a short time later. Ignite Ur Bike LED wheel bike lights offer an advantage over novelty decorations since they attach to bicycle spokes and remain lit via battery, for approximately 60 hours. Our vibrant bicycle LED wheel lights will light up your path, create an enjoyable environment and can be used to easily identify your children, family and friends after dark.  Get creative and place our LED lights, not just on your wheels, but on bicycle frames and baskets too! We have taken our imagination to the next level and have also used these lights for strollers, wagons, wheelchairs and scooters.  Our LED bicycle lights are a great to add luminosity to bikes and transportation for parades, festivals or any night time event. All orders qualify for free shipping to the U.S. and include free batteries. Contact us for information on shipping outside of the U.S.

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