Get Social with Ignite Ur Bike

4. After, wrap it around every other spoke, until you have completed a circle. Once you reach the complete circle you can wrap it around the last spoke, with the left over wire.
5. For children’s bikes you may be able to go 2-3 times around.

When storing bikes, take precaution that other bike pedals do NOT snap the wire. Also be careful when hanging on garage or bike racks and transporting that other objects do not break or damage the wire.
Battery Change:
When you notice the lights flickering or going dim, cut the zip ties and replace the battery and zip tie back. NO NEED TO UNRAVEL THE WHOLE WIRE.

Installation Instructions

DO not rush when installing! The wire is very delicate.

1. Flip the bicycle upside down, it is easier to install.
2. Zip Tie the battery pack in the inside middle of the spoke, Use the 2 zip ties to secure the battery pack. Make sure the zip ties are very secured, to the point where it doesn’t wiggle. With the black on/off switch facing the outside. ( SEE PICTURE)

3. Gently, unravel the whole wire and start winding the wire to the outer end of the tire. Then wrap it until the wire doesn’t have plastic thickness.(SEE PICTURE)