See what some of our happy customers have to say:

- " I bought a set of lights to try on my son's wheelchair wheels. I have to say we were all amazed at how cool these lights looked. We have since bought 5 additional sets for all his other wheels. It also helps with the safety side as you can see him coming in the dark from a long, long way away." E.S

-“These LED bicycle lights are AMAZING! My grandkids love them, and I have ordered more for my neighborhood kids.”- B.H.

- "Ignite Ur Life, Ignite Ur Soul...time to roll." - Lisa B.

- "Shine like a star with Ignite Ur Bike LED wheel lights." - B.R.

- "When the sun goes down, the lights come up, it's Ur time to shine!" - L.B.

- "I Ignited my grandma's walker, now I can easily locate her on her evening walks!" - Elizabeth

- " My Bike came back to life, with these lights"- H.R.S

- " My brothers Wheel Chair is ready for the chargers game!"- J.A.L

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